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Past Division I WGCA All-American Teams

Past Division II WGCA All-American Teams

Past Division III WGCA All-American Teams

Past NAIA WGCA All-American Teams

Each year, the Women's Golf Coaches Association names women's collegiate golf First Team, Second Team and Honorable Mention WGCA All-American Teams for Division I, II & III and NAIA.

The selection process for this prestigious honor is quite rigorous and is determined by the WGCA Awards Committee for each Division.

The chairperson of the WGCA Awards Committee will receive the names of the Top 60 players (50 players for Division II and 30 players for Division III) from the Golfstat and Golfweek/Sagarin Rankings.  A copy of each of the players’ tournament profiles for the current year will be sent to the WGCA Awards Committees.

Each player under consideration for this honor must have competed a minimum of 15 rounds (12 for Division II and III) during the competitive year, including NCAA Regional Championships (n/a for Division III.)

Each Awards Committee member will review the tournament profiles of all candidates and will make comparisons between the players. Criteria used to evaluate each player are as follows:

  1. Head to Head Competition
  2. Comparison with common opponents
  3. Scoring average (adjusted)
  4. Place finishes in regular season events and tournament wins
  5. Strength of schedule

The criteria will be prioritized in the above order if a decision becomes difficult to determine. The NCAA Medalist is always an automatic First Team selection (Division II and III only). Also the top 10 finishers at the NCAA Championship (Division II and III only), if not already included on one of the All-American teams, will be included in the Honorable Mention category of WGCA All-American.

Each WGCA Awards Committee member is responsible to be well informed about the best players in their region. Please contact your regional representatives if you would like to discuss a potential All-American candidate or have additional information that would be helpful in the evaluation of a specific player.

The Division I WGCA All-American Teams will consist of 40 total players. 1st and 2nd will consist of at least 11 players each.  For Division II, the number of All-Americans is 12 for 1st team, 12 for 2nd team and 12 for Honorable Mention. The number of players recognized for Division III is up to 20.

Division I All-Americans will be announced after medal play at the NCAA Championship. Division II All-Americans will be announced at the conclusion of stroke play at the NCAA Championship. Division III All-American Teams will be announced at the WGCA Awards Banquet (if conducted) during the NCAA Championship.