Kim Moore Spirit Award

Past Kim Moore Spirit Award Recipients

This award is dedicated to Kim Moore, who played golf for the University of Indianapolis (1999-2003).  Kim was an inspiration to all as she persevered through many physical challenges while playing collegiate golf.  Her positive outlook and dedication toward  the game was only out done by her sense of humor and passion for the game.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor a student-athlete or coach who exemplifies a great spirit toward the game of golf, a positive attitude on and off the golf course, a role model for her team and mental toughness in facing challenges.

To be nominated, the student-athlete must:

  1. Be of high moral character and in good standing at the college making the nomination.  
  2. Actively participate within the guidelines of the golf program at her respective University.

To be considered, the coach making the nomination MUST include a highly detailed evaluation and description as to why the student-athlete or coach should be considered as a candidate. Nominations that do not include a detailed resume will not be considered.