Founders Award

The Women's Golf Coaches Association Founders Award is presented annually to a currently employed women’s Division I, II or III collegiate head or assistant women’s golf coach. The nominated coaches for this award must be current members of the WGCA. The criteria for selection of the award winner are based solely on accomplishments and service for the past three years.

  1. The Award Candidate is a current women’s collegiate head or assistant golf coach at a Division I, II or III institution with at least three years experience in this/these position(s). 
  2. The Award Candidate has made a service contribution to the Women's Golf Coaches Association during the past three years by either participating on the WGCA Board of Directors, sitting on active committee or otherwise assisting in fulfilling the association’s mission. 
  3. During the previous three years, the Award Candidate has made service contributions to her or his respective Conference, the NCAA, the USGA, PGA, LPGA, and/or other allied golf associations. 
  4. During the previous three years, the Award Candidate has made service contributions in her or his local or university setting. She or he has contributed through service activities (outreach programs) through promotion of her or his student athlete’s activities, or through service to charitable organizations. 
  5. During the previous three years, the Award Candidate has promoted the game of golf, locally, regionally, or nationally via her or his participation in activities such as sports camps, instructional clinics, junior golf programs, tournament management, etc. 
  6. During the previous three years, the Award Candidate has conducted service orientated activities and received recognition for her or his efforts either at the local, regional, or national levels.

*Individuals considered for the WGCA Founders Award are not required to have fulfilled all of the award criteria as stated above in order to be considered as a candidate for the award.

The WGCA Board votes upon nominated individuals and recognizes the recipient at the WGCA Business Meeting typically held at the Member Convention.

Recipient Year University
Amy Bond 2019 Florida State University
Jeanne Sutherland 2017 Southern Methodist University
Judi Pavon 2015 University of Tennessee
Amy Bush 2011 UNLV
Mary Lou Mulflur 2010 University of Washington
Kelley Hester 2009 University of Georgia
Janet Carl 2008 University of Cincinnati
Diane Daugherty 2007 Southern Illinois University
Kim Evans 2006 Auburn University
Denise St. Pierre 2005 Penn State University
Therese Hession 2004 The Ohio State University
Rise Lakowske 2003 Oregon State University
Pam Tyska 2002 Northern Illinois University