Coaches Hall of Fame

The Women's Golf Coaches Association's most prestigious honor is induction into the WGCA Coaches and Players Hall of Fame. Formed in 1986 with eight Charter Players and five Charter Coaches, new Hall of Fame members are inducted each year in December during the WGCA Hall Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the WGCA Member Convention.

In 2010, the Women's Golf Coaches Association Board of Directors approved modifications to the nomination process for both the WGCA Coaches and Players Halls of Fame. The process for each will now incorporate a results based point system that the WGCA Awards Committee will utilize in determining its annual selections. This point system was developed over two years of intense research by the Hall of Fame subcommittee.  Below is further detail for each.

The WGCA DI Coach HOF Nomination Form is a form to be completed by all women's college golf programs that have a current or past coach that they believe is deserving of consideration for the WGCA Coaches Hall of Fame. The spreadsheet is formatted to total points based on the coaches results while they were coaching or to-date for current coaches. To be considered by the WGCA Awards Committee, the first requirement for future Hall of Fame inductees is to receive a minimum of 1,000 points in Category 1.

The point system is a guideline to be used by the selection committee. The committee has final authority as to selection of future inductees.

2022 Greg Allen Vanderbilt University/University of Arizona
2020 Robbie Davis Florida Southern College
2019 Julie Garner Rollins College
2018 Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll Michigan State University
2017 Nancy McDaniel University of California Berkeley
2016 Laurie Gibbs Pepperdine University
2015 Melissa Luellen Arizona State University
2014 Mary Lou Mulflur University of Washington
2013 Devon Brouse Purdue University
2012 Carrie Forsyth UCLA
2011 Andrea Gaston USC
2009 Karen Bahnsen Louisiana State University
2008 Kim Evans Auburn University
2007 Edean Ihlanfeldt University of Washington
2006 John Crooks Campbell University
2005 Therese Hession The Ohio State University
2004 Renee Mack Baumgartner University of Oregon/USC
2003  Julie Manning Iowa State University
2002  Lela Cannon University of Miami
2001  Dan Brooks Duke University
2001  Dianne Dailey Wake Forest University 
2000 Paul Brilliant New Mexico State University
2000  Beans Kelly University of Georgia 
1999  Cathy Torchiana USC 
1998  Tim Bladwin Stanford University 
1998  Sam Carmichael Indiana University 
1998  Ann Davidson College of William & Mary 
1997  Bettie Lou Evans University of Kentucky
1997 Kim Haddow University of Arizona
1997 Paula Smith University of Illinois
1996 Joan Gearhart Iowa State University
1996 Gary Howard Brigham Young University
1995 Diane Thomason University of Iowa
1995 Mic Potter Furman University/University of Alabama
1995 Ann Pitts Oklahoma State University
1994 Linda Vollstedt Arizona State University
1993 Mark Gale San Jose State University
1993 Dot Gunnells University of North Carolina
1993 Joanne Lusk University of Arizona
1992 Barbara Smith Longwood College
1989 Jackie Steinmann UCLA
1989 Millie Stanley Long Beach State University
1988 Mary Fossum Michigan State University
1988 Pat Park Lamar University
1988 Dale McNamara Tulsa University
1987 Pat Weiss University of Texas
1987 Earl Stewart Southern Methodist University
1987 Mary Cave San Diego State University
1986 (Charter) Mary Dagraedt Florida International University
1986 (Charter) Ann Casey Johnstone Stephens College
1986 (Charter)  Gladys Palmer  
1986 (Charter)  Liz Murphey University of Georgia
1986 (Charter)  Mimi Ryan University of Florida