Golfstat Cup

The Golfstat Cup Award, administered by Golfstat, Inc. is presented annually at the WGCA Awards Banquet at the NCAA Division I Championship. The award is given to the player who has the best scoring average versus par with at least 20 full rounds played during a season. The player cannot have been disqualified or withdraw from more than one event in the year.

Past Recipients Year University
Bronte Law
2016 UCLA
Leona Maguire
2015 Duke University
Alison Lee
2014 UCLA
Annie Park 2013 USC
Lindy Duncan 2012 Duke University
Marta Silva Zamora 2011 University of Georgia
Caroline Hedwall 2010 Oklahoma State University
Jennifer Song 2009 USC
Amanda Blumenherst 2008 Duke University
Amanda Blumenherst 2007 Duke University
Amanda Blumenherst 2006 Duke University
Louise Stahle 2005 Arizona State University
Elizabeth Janangelo 2004 Duke University
Erica Blasberg 2003 University of Arizona
Lorena Ochoa 2002 University of Arizona
Lorena Ochoa 2001 University of Arizona
Jenna Daniels 2000 University of Arizona
Grace Park 1999 Arizona State University
Jenny Chuasiriporn 1998 Duke University
Marisa Baena 1997 University of Arizona
Janice Moodie 1996 San Jose State University